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A uniquely designed tilt chair that can securely support all types of stereo binoculars, and some telescopes, and allows a seated observer, long duration, comfortable steady views to all areas of the sky.
Specifically engineered, patent secured and designed for night - time astronomy use. It also lends itself to superb daylight terrestrial vistas.  
The most desirable factors about this unique chair, is its horizontal and tilt functions, which are motorized and then controlled by the seated observer by a supplied “variable speed joystick” and a portable safe 12volt dc power battery. Tilt and rotate functions are “variable speed control”.
The history and development of this unique chair has a solid and particular reason, and it has shown to be, one of the most important and desirable observing devices.

It only costs US$6,950.00 and can be shipped to your door.

The “power supply” is a safe and convenient portable 12volt dc motor bike or car battery!

Starchair TM 3000 is very portable into a small car, to any dark sky site and “sets up” in 3 minutes. Battery Powered.

Maximise your valuable dark sky time. Spend more time observing! Easily see 1,000 objects per hour in ultimate reclined comfort! Also computer adaptive!

Please consider and take a second look!

We are now 12 years old and solid sales worldwide. Safe and Secure.


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